Drawings, ooaddles post-ooamerica USA Road-Trip

Some ooaddles and sketches from after the road-trip – click here to view all artwork from the ooamerica travels.


Follow ooAmerica Part 2: intro video and ooaddles

ooamerica, part 2! Follow the adventure as we hit the road again, along with a team member this time, covering 24 states and more than 6,000 miles, in order to see the states yet unseen and wrap-up the “What’s your philosphy of life?” feature-length documentary. Travel photos, notes and video clips of the making of … Continue reading


ooamerica photo series: Times Square New York preview

This is a preview of the Times Square New York picture in the ooamerica photo series, an ongoing project, more during part 2 of the USA road-trip :

Watch videos from ThisMyAmerica

ooAmerica.com: Follow ooa’s 2011-2012 Road-Trip through the USA

Visit ooAmerica to follow all video chapters, photos and more of ooa rev’s 2011 road trip through the US. You can watch the movie trailer below:


Painting – The Cave – 2010


Videos on eyemove – 2007-2010

Videos produced at http://eye-move.blogspot.com – Snowy Christmas in NY – 2010 – The Biker (first animation, with Felix) – 2008 – Metro ligne 5 (early slideshow of a photo-book) – 2007 – Les bistrots, le Sully (in French) – March 2010


Chosen works photos 2008-2010

Slideshow of more or less abstract art photos, with relaxing music. You can also watch Good-bye show – Nov 2010.

Les taxis d’Istanbul 2005


Drawings Fall 2010


Paintings 2010


Paintings summer 2009


Quaptique Panel – 2010

Notes and scrap

There is no scheduled release date for other works and scraps. These mostly include copies of notebooks with notes, ideas, etchings, small pieces of writing, etc. They will be made available in the future though.

Novels, web-books and other writing

There are a few web-books which will be available shortly, including: – Metro Ligne 5, Paris (photo portraits and literary portraits) 2007-2010 – Le grand voyage – (art photos and text, French) 2009 – ooAmerica – (art photos) 2011 Other writing including novels, short stories, essays, poems and notes will eventually be made available. Thanks!


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