ooamerica photo series: Times Square New York preview

This is a preview of the Times Square New York picture in the ooamerica photo series, an ongoing project, more during part 2 of the USA road-trip :

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30 Responses to “ooamerica photo series: Times Square New York preview”
  1. you captured that alluring chaos perfectly.

  2. Nice work! Thanks for following my blog.

  3. SoHaiku says:

    Awesomely xlent. I will follow.

  4. tkvrba says:

    I’m speechless. This is beautiful. Going to New York City is one of my biggest dreams. I feel I can almost hear the sounds of the city looking at this image.

  5. Thandiwe says:

    Hi! I love this image! You truly capture the color and motion of this city.

  6. bookbimbo says:

    amazing. really and truly amazing. :)

  7. Ben Leib says:

    Yep, that’s Times Square.

  8. Great image! Just what it feels like when I visit NYC. Looking forward to more!

  9. reconjones says:

    How many brands can you find? Very cool!

    • ooa revo says:

      Hello! Thanks for your question: not sure at this point, would anybody venture a guess? am hoping to produce some numbers and answers to questions like these when I eventually write about the approach / construction of these pictures. Hope to share more soon!

  10. festivalking says:

    Wow! how did you pull this off?! absolute art :)

  11. ArmandoEpigrama says:


  12. siloxy says:

    colours… and black: life?!

  13. Dharan says:

    Awesome . I Like this…

  14. MadeUps says:

    This is live

  15. nicolegodwin says:

    Is this one image, or a combination combined? It looks fantastic!

  16. katkasia says:

    This picture beautifully conveys the complexity of the city – and it’s confusions!

  17. lgonse says:

    I like this. I can feel and hear the city’s excitement, motion, sound, people!

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